The History


Before the creation of AG-PAC, natural resource businesses had no voice. Legislative and agency doors were closed to farmers, ranchers, foresters and the natural resource industry on issues that affected them.


We were in a quandary as to what to do. We needed to find a way to get a seat at the table; to have a say in the political process. It was decided that we would pool our resources and form a PAC.


Under the leadership of Mike Thorne, AG-PAC was formalized in 1989. The original members were diverse and represented 8 agricultural and natural resource industries. We needed to be credible and precise. We were competing with some of the largest PAC’s in the state, but were determined to have our voice be heard.


Over the past 23 years, we have progressed. AG-PAC has become a powerful underlying force for protecting the interests of the natural resource-based economies.


Today we can look at legislative successes, a situation not possible decades ago. After years of being neglected by most Oregon legislators, agriculture, forestry and the natural resource industries are now being recognized for what they are – a leading factor and a stabilizing influence to Oregon’s economy.